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Hoodilidoo where the spirit of music lives.

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.. .. MaestroPhil was Born Philip John Pennington

He holds both an Associate in Arts & a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music Composition for Film and Video


As a Composer


He has written in pi/4 time with Pi (3.1459...) being the numerator of the time signature. Written several symphonys and Tone Poems for full orchestra


He has designed a system of new music using rules and chords of his own creation


He has crafted a multi-synthesizer piece that appears in score as the Mona Lisa


Orchestrated 2 full length Ballets, Hundreds of chamber works including Piano concertos and cadenzas and he Composes music for films.




As a Performer


Sings in a Countertenor or sopranist Tenor voice


Plays instruments in every family including


Percussion:Vibraphone, Trap drum set, Piano, Talking Drum, Glockenspiel and Ocean Drum


Woodwind: Saxophone, Flute, Clarinet, Recorder, Chromatic Harmonica, The Bass Harmonica, Tin Whistle and Ocarina 


Strings; Violin, Viola, 'cello, Upright Bass, Guitar, Mandolin, The Chapman Stick, Hammer Dulcimer, Ukulele and Zither


Brass; Trombone, French Horn, Pocket Trumpet


Etc; Theremin, Electronic Drum set, Synthesizer, Guitar Synthesizer, Diatonic Harmonica, Musical Saw, Squeezebox Akai EWI electronic Wind Instrument


I'm not trying to name everything I've ever touched, I'm naming the instruments I own and use regularly here.

MaestroPhil has written Books of Poetry and Songs, Theories of Physics, Astrophysics, Biology and General Science.


Maestro is a GIA Certified Master Bench Jeweler and a Diamond & Gemstone appraiser.


He has Directed Secret Masonic Films of Degrees and Orders sanctioned by the Grand Master of Knights Templars with his Film production company Maestro Productions.


Maestrophil Makes Music Videos and Film Shorts.


I have been keeping myself a secret for a long time. I'm slowly emerging by collaborating with local musicians and artists.


I really enjoy playing music with people. I can groove with that human feel. I can listen and create, compliment your rhythms.


At the moment I am involved in a couple projects. I am in an all original band called INFUSIONS with HUNTRESS DIANA and JOHN FOX. I am the Drummer for The killer band ATOMIC LOVE EXPLOSION with Jimmy Valentine and Huntress Diana. I am the current touring Drummer for GENRAL PATTON AND HIS PRIVATES and still appearing as a soloist in the jam band ELECTRIC MEDICINE.


All three bands were scheduled at the CHICAGO PEACE FEST and MICHIGAN PEACE FEST. We were excited to be a part of these two great Festivals. Maestro took on the responsibility of booking the Chicago Peace Fest and running the Stage. Maestro was Stage Assistant with Covert Operations at Michigan Peace Fest.


I am busy working on video projects through Maestro Productions and a few exciting things around the Complex. I am recording with the bands I am in and doing very detailed tracking with dozens of layers on my solo stuff. It is still a bit of a secret but I'll send you some if you ask.


Take a look at The INFUSIONS page to get a glimpse of some recent recordings with my fab Guitarist/Vocalist/Drummer JOHN FOXX and the beautiful and very powerful Bassist/Vocalist HUNTRESS DIANA.


Things are really shaping up here in Chicago. All of us here are very excited about the coming days.



I'm most interested in making new connections in my brain and finding the answers to the new questions I ask myself each day.

I'm wondering about the very start of everything real, and what I feel and what I say every day. ..

You should take music as you would a sacred herb. If it is in the background it is being served wrong.


If you talk when music is on you are doing wrong.


Music is greater than the instrument that produces the sound and mightier than the performer and composer.


You should treat music with MUCH more respect than you do.


When you care about music you will not listen to things you do not love. You may go without it for a day or many days.


Be concious of your wusic and it will become what it was meant to be.


Movies, I do a lot of video. I edit and create music videos. I shoot bands and things I like, things that are this way only once. I feel when I decide to take a shot of something that it's worthy of being remembered forever. Film outlives it's creator.


Thanks for listening to me.


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